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Messages from our Couples:

Feedback from the couples we worked with is the most important thing for us. We are truly dedicated to what we do, and if our couples can see this and write lines like these after their wedding, we know we are on the right track…


Dear Kristof and Mark - and Any reader who finds this message!

„ Our recent wedding in Budapest was simply amazing. Probably everyone says that about their special day, but we are still smiling weeks later about the perfect day we had. Alomklip were there capturing beautiful memories for us. Masterfully recording those little things you miss, someone’s reaction, that crazy dancing relative, the loving looks you and your wife share that many didn’t even notice or missed. The cake was just tasting so good their eyes were following the top of their forks at that very moment. We received our wedding highlights video yesterday. Already we have watched it over 20 times. It made us laugh, it made us smile…it made us cry. What a beautiful collage of memories we have stored forever. We have something that captures the emotion and life pulsing through our day. We have a snapshot of one great life moment that our children and grandchildren can experience for themselves in the years to come. How can you ever say thank you enough for that? The Alomklip team were patient, friendly, gentle, thoughtful, dedicated, focused, professional and made us feel like we were VIPs. Our cameramen blended into the crowd, seamlessly like wedding guests celebrating with us. Never in anyone’s face, never distracting, never in the wrong place, never putting anyone out of their comfort zone. Two of the nicest guys you could meet. Thank you Alomklip for the amazing job you did. To you reading this….if you have a wedding….if you want to remember it with tears in you eyes….and if you can find them….then you can hire the A-team (the Alomklip team)….lights….camera…..act now and hire these guys….they are brilliant!

Niki & Ashwin

Misi and Mark - What can we say except THANK YOU SO MUCH:::

„ you are truly inspirational in what you do. A true professional with amazing camera skills and great with people. You made us and our guests feel some comfortable, everyone had a smile on their face throughout the whole day and you caught every great moment. The feedback we got from everyone that has seen the video’s is they have been blown away. We will be promoting you at every occasion someone requires your skills. Take care and it would be a pleasure if when we are back in Budapest we can say thank you one more time.”

Niki & Ashwin

It is almost impossible to say how happy we are with our wedding film we just received from you!

„ Your wedding video work is amazing, we have been crying with joy for long minutes now! The Highlights clip is really truly everything we dreamt it would be. We are absolutely content with your work and proud that you were the one who filmed our Big Day! We are grateful for the care, attention, advice and lots of love you gave us before and on the day, and will definitely draw our friend’s attention to the fabulous work you do!”

Vali és Mike

The best investment we made in a very long time...

“I can’t imagine a better way of replaying the best day of your lives than watching your Dream Clips and wedding video a few weeks after your wedding. Ours was the perfect snapshot of the occasion. Our videographer took great care of the details both on the day and post production from being fun but assertive during filming to selecting OUR music to complement OUR moments. My husband actually said this was the best investment we made in a very long time! We can not thank you enough for getting it so right! ”

Andrea & Richard

This will be something to treasure for a lifetime!!!!

„We have just finished watching the wedding videos :))))…. words cannot describe what we feel right now, as if the day was here again and again… a memory to last for ever for sure! While watching the films it was like you were reading in our minds and predict what we would like to see next and touch on our romantic sides. I think tomorrow will be a better day for me to write to everybody about you, simply because I am so overwhelmed with emotions and thankfulness that no-one would actually believe the things I have to (and definitely will) say about your personality,attitude and exceptional work. Let me just start with an enormous THANK YOU!…”

Gina  & Roland